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            • S.Korean official apologizes for political slogan incident

              2007-02-02 08:50

              South Korean delegation official apologized for the political slogan incident at the 6th Winter Asiad and promised no more occurrence of such incidents.

            • Fumie Suguri leads short program in Asiad

              2007-02-02 08:55

              World championships runner-up Fumie Suguri of Japan led the short program in the ladies' singles of the figure skating event at the 6th Asian Winter Games here on Thursday.

            • Chinese charity helps Mongolia to the medals table

              2007-02-01 09:17

              Teenager Manal Unenbat got Mongolia onto the medals table at the Asian Winter Games on Wednesday despite delivering by far the worst performance in the women's freestyle aerials.

            • S.Korean Lee wins men's 1,500m speed skating

              2007-02-01 09:15

              South Korean Lee Kyou Hyuk snatched the men's 1,500m speed skating gold here on Wednesday at the 6th Asian Winter Games.

            • Maldives look to participation in Winter Asiad

              2007-02-01 09:11

              Tropical island country the Maldives is looking for the possibility of competing in next Winter Asian Games, said its senior sports official here on Wednesday.

            • Kazakhstan reap golds, Mongolia make medal podium

              2007-02-01 08:55

              Kazakhstan tasted their first two golds of the sixth Asian Winter Games from the cross-country skiing at Beidahu ski resort in Jilin on Wednesday, while Mongolia became the fifth country to stamp their names on the medal tally

            • S. Korean dominate short track

              2007-02-01 08:44

              South Korean triple Olympic champions Ahn Hyun-Soo and Jin Sun-Yu displayed their dominance in style in the short track speedskating at the sixth Asian Winter Games.

            • Kazakhstan breaks gold drought at Winter Asiad

              2007-01-31 16:24

              Kazakhstan broke its gold drought at the sixth Asian Winter Games, winning two titles in a row in the cross country competitions here on Wednesday.

            • Asians in the house as curling takes off in Changchun

              2007-01-31 09:12

              It might seem an unlikely scenario but there are some at the Asian Winter Games this week who think the continent could soon be providing medal winners at major international curling tournaments.

            • Changchun gets translation service hotline

              2007-01-31 09:07

              This city of Northeast China has launched a translation service hotline (0431-8517 2007) for information on the Sixth Asian Winter Games as well as the happenings in the city.

            • Kazakhstan wins 1st gold

              2007-01-31 14:26

              Kazakhstan claimed its first gold medal at the sixth Asian Winter Games as Oxana Yatskaya led an 1-2 finish in the women's 5km classical cross country skiing here on Wednesday.

            • No shame but dream for ice hockey amateurs in Asia

              2007-01-31 09:02

              Goalie Ahmed Al Dhaheri fully stretched his arms over the crossbar, looking up to the roof for a gasp of fresh air. He just let in the 30th goal in the ice hockey match between his home country UAE and Kazakhstan and it still had 10 minutes to go.

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