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            China Daily Website

            • Yao urges Yi to talk with the Milwaukee Bucks NBA club

              2007-07-06 09:23

              Yao Ming has urged his Chinese teammate, Yi Jianlian, to hold talks with the Milwaukee Bucks, amid a stand-off between the star recruit and the NBA club who picked him in last week's draft.

            • Yi struggles in exhibition vs. Mavs

              2007-07-04 23:58

              Yi Jianlian's first taste of NBA competition did not go smoothly, as he scored 11 points for the Chinese national team in a 105-100 loss to the Dallas Mavericks' summer league team Tuesday night.

            • Yi not talking about NBA, Bucks

              2007-07-03 23:53

              Bucks top draft pick Yi Jianlian won't talk about the draft or the prospect of playing for Milwaukee.

            • Yi Jianlian's team plots escape from Milwaukee

              2007-07-03 08:45

              The Milwaukee Bucks believed Chinese power forward Yi Jianlian was a steal with the sixth pick of last week's NBA draft. But the ramifications of the move were laid bare this weekend as Yi's handlers confirmed they were looking to get their client out of a city he wants no part of.

            • Yi agent seeks trade but NBA Bucks want Chinese star

              2007-07-02 08:42

              Yi Jianlian's agent is trying to pull together trade offers in hopes the Milwaukee Bucks will deal away the Chinese star they selected sixth in the National Basketball Association Draft.

            • Bucks take risk, select Yi with No. 6 pick

              2007-06-29 13:45

              The Milwaukee Bucks said they've made a global impact by selecting Chinese forward Yi Jianlian.

            • First round selections in NBA Draft

              2007-06-29 11:28

              Order of selections in the first round of the NBA Draft on Thursday

            • Bucks draft Yi Jianlian of China

              2007-06-29 08:29

              The Milwaukee Bucks have drafted Yi Jianlian, a power forward from China, with the No. 6 pick in NBA Draft, the fourth Chinese player to make the NBA.

            • Yi: Stop comparing me with Yao

              2007-06-29 07:55

              NEW YORK: While media and fans repeatedly call him the "next Yao Ming", Chinese NBA prospect Yi Jianlian says he is desperate to step out of his national teammate's giant shadow.

            • Oden picked first, Durant second in NBA Draft

              2007-06-29 08:53

              Greg Oden, a 7ft center from Ohio State, was made the first overall pick of the 2007 NBA Draft on Thursday by the Portland Trail Blazers.

            • Yi surprised to be picked by Milwaukee in NBA Draft

              2007-06-29 10:23

              China's Yi Jianlian, the first international player taken in the 2007 NBA Draft, said he was surprised by being selected with the sixth pick of the first round by the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday.

            • Report: Blazers will pick Oden at No. 1

              2007-06-29 00:19

              Draft gets interesting after Oden, Durant are gone.

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