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            • Jabulani ball a hit with Portugal after 7-0 win

              2010-06-22 10:47

              The World Cup finally has a team which loves the maligned Jabulani ball.

            • FIFA: S.Africa be ready by 2009, not 2010

              2006-07-14 10:43

              Time is no longer a luxury for the South African Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the 2010 FIFA World Cup as they only have three years left to ensure that South Africa is ready to host the World Cup, a FIFA official said on Thursday.

            • Kenya plans for 2010 World Cup

              2006-07-14 10:02

              The Kenyan government announced on Thursday that it is serious about the east African nation's qualification to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

            • Klinsmann quits as Germany coach

              2006-07-13 11:20

              Juergen Klinsmann walked away from the German national team on Wednesday, carrying a backpack with two soccer balls for his children and leaving trusted assistant Joachim Loew in charge.

            • 2010 World Cup to get financial boost from S. Africa

              2006-07-13 09:40

              Six major South African businesses will officially back the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa, the organizing committee announced on Wednesday.

            • Germany '100 percent satisfied' with World Cup securit

              2006-07-12 14:51

              German security officials have said they were "100 percent satisfied" with how the football World Cup went off, citing a low crime rate and little violence.

            • Brazil and Spain share FIFA Fair Play Award

              2006-07-12 11:12

              Brazil and Spain have been chosen by the FIFA Technical Study Group (TSG) as the joint winners of the FIFA Fair Play Award for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany, after picking up a total of 886 points from the 1,000 available.

            • FIFA to investigate Zidane's head butt

              2006-07-12 08:55

              FIFA will open a disciplinary investigation into Zinedine Zidane's conduct in the World Cup final, when he was sent off for head-butting Italy's Marco Materazzi.

            • Did soccer enter video age in World Cup final?

              2006-07-11 14:15

              Despite FIFA's denials, there's a distinct possibility that soccer entered the video age through the back door during Sunday's World Cup final.

            • Materazzi denies calling Zidane "terrorist"

              2006-07-11 13:52

              Italy defender Marco Materazzi on Monday denied a report that he had called Zinedine Zidane a "dirty terrorist" seconds before the French captain head-butted him in Sunday's World Cup final.

            • Goal drought blights World Cup

              2006-07-11 11:47

              Germany 2006 has been a FIFA World Cup as notable for its covering tackles and clean sheets as for its glittering goals.

            • French defeat felt in Zidane's home village

              2006-07-11 10:33

              The French were not the only ones to taste the bitterness of defeat when their team lost 5-3 to penalties in the World Cup final.

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