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            • Photos:soccer stars and their wives

              2006-07-11 16:30

              France's World Cup 2006 soccer player David Trezeguet (L) and his wife Beatrice leave the Elysee Palace in Paris July 10, 2006 after a homecoming reception for the French national soccer team. [Reuters]

            • French defender Gallas defends red-carded Zidane

              2006-07-10 19:31

              French defender William Gallas said Zinedine Zidane who was sent off in the World Cup final defeat by Italy on Sunday night, was provoked into the headbutt on Italian defender Marco Materazzi.

            • Lippi excited with World Cup win

              2006-07-10 09:33

              Italy head coach Marcello Lippi said it was the greatest moment of his life after leading Italy to the World Cup championship after beating France 5-3 in a penalty shoot-out.

            • Bidding Beetle mania over Klinsmann's old car

              2006-07-08 21:10

              A 39-year-old Volkswagen Beetle that once belonged to Germany coach Juergen Klinsmann is on sale in a frenzied auction and has surpassed the price of another Volkswagen once owned by Pope Benedict sold a year ago.

            • Don't you care, C. Ronaldo?

              2006-07-07 16:36

              Portugal soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo told a Reuters' reporter on Wednesday that he didn't care soccer fans were hissing at what they believed to be him feigning injury in the semifinals against France on Tuesday.

            • Scolari dignified after first World Cup defeat

              2006-07-06 09:19

              After 11 wins and a draw, Luiz Felipe Scolari's record unbeaten World Cup run as a coach came to an end at the 13th hurdle on Wednesday when France beat Portugal by the only goal of an open semi-final.

            • Italians hit the streets after win over Germany

              2006-07-05 09:36

              Exhulting fans in Italy tore through the streets on foot, bicycles, mopeds and cars, shouting and honking their horns after the Azzurri made it to the World Cup final by beating Germany 2-0 early Wednesday.

            • Lippi pins Italy's win on midfield dominance

              2006-07-05 08:58

              Italy coach Marcello Lippi hailed midfield superiority and a fear of the penalty shootout as the keys to his team's stunning 2-0 win over hosts Germany in the semi-final of the World Cup on Tuesday.

            • FIFA investigates Frings, Cufre, Rodriguez

              2006-07-03 10:39

              FIFA is investigating the role of Germany midfielder Torsten Frings plus Argentina defender Leandro Cufre and forward Maxi Rodriguez for their part in the fracas that followed Friday's World Cup quarter-final.

            • Beckenbauer hints at top UEFA post, rules out FIFA

              2006-06-30 09:08

              Franz Beckenbauer said on Thursday he would be interested in running for the job of UEFA president, but ruled out a bid to become president of FIFA in the forseeable future.

            • Klinsmann uses mind games to push his team

              2006-06-29 20:33

              With the help of a team psychologist, Germany coach Juergen Klinsmann has been tapping into a vein of national euphoria for short but potent doses to get the best from his World Cup players.

            • Chinese sports host apologizes for losing cool

              2006-06-28 17:27

              Chinese sports commentator Huang Jianxiang made a public apology for losing his cool during a live broadcast of the Italy-Australia World Cup match in Germany.

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