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            • Greeks admit Spain were better prepared

              2006-09-05 08:48

              Greece players and their coach admitted that Spain were the better prepared team as Spain defeated the Greeks 70-47 in the final of the FIBA World Championship.

            • A look at the world basketball championship

              2006-09-04 10:52

              The easy way to sum up the FIBA world championship is to list the medal winners, from gold to bronze _ Spain, Greece, and the United States.

            • Spain downs Greece to win basketball title

              2006-09-03 20:49

              With injured Pau Gasol cheering his teammates from the bench, Spain beat Greece 70-47 Sunday to claim its first basketball world championship.

            • Greece shocks Team USA with 101-95 win

              2006-09-01 19:15

              The European champions are playing for a much bigger prize. The best the United States can hope for is yet another bronze medal.

            • Spain in final but Gasol limps out

              2006-09-02 09:01

              Spain scraped into the final of the world basketball championship for the first time on Friday but look to have paid a devastating price in the process.

            • Quake rattles Tokyo during Worlds

              2006-09-01 15:00

              A 4.8-magnitude earthquake jolted the Tokyo region on Thursday during halftime of the Lithuania-Turkey game in the FIBA championships.

            • Greece between U.S. and gold medal game

              2006-09-01 15:00

              Now that Dirk Nowitzki is gone, the United States is headed for a gold medal game showdown with Spain or Argentina.

            • Gasol doesn't rule out playing in gold-medal game

              2006-09-02 14:23

              Pau Gasol, Spain's leading scorer and rebounder who was injured in the final minutes of a semifinal victory over Argentina, still hopes to play in the gold-medal game against Greece on Sunday night in the FIBA world championships.

            • France and Turkey to compete for the 5th place

              2006-09-01 09:02

              France and Turkey came out on top of two thrilling classification games and will now go head to head on Saturday to claim fifth place.

            • Greece's "Baby Shaq" eager to face US NBA stars

              2006-09-01 08:53

              Greek center Sofoklis Schortsanitis, better known as "Baby Shaq", sees a great opportunity in his team's semi-final showdown Friday with the United States at the World Basketball Championship.

            • Improvement vital for US to reach world final

              2006-08-31 15:05

              US stars know they must improve to beat Greece on Friday and qualify for Sunday's World Basketball Championship final, where either 2004 Olympic champion Argentina or title-hungry Spain will await.

            • US winning games and respect with teamwork

              2006-08-31 10:26

              The United States are doing more than winning games as they close in on reclaiming the gold medal at the world basketball championship.

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