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            China Daily Website

            • Spanish crowds welcome home basketball champ

              2006-09-05 09:00

              Tens of thousands of jubilant Spaniards screamed and waved banners to welcome home their basketball world champions on Monday night.

            • Cypriot President congratulates Greek basketball team

              2006-09-05 09:00

              Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos has sent a message to Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, congratulating him on behalf of the government and the people of Cyprus on the success of the Greek national basketball team in the world basketball championship, the semi-official Cyprus News Agency (CNA) reported Monday.

            • Turkey welcomes you to 2010

              2006-09-04 11:16

              Turkish fans are looking forward to hosting the world's most prestigious basketball event in 2010, after their country achieved the best ever international result in a FIBA World Championship.

            • New FIBA Ranking after FIBA World Championship

              2006-09-04 11:10

              After the FIBA World Championship 2006 in Japan, FIBA has announced its new world ranking for men's national teams.

            • Spain downs Greece to win basketball title

              2006-09-03 20:49

              With injured Pau Gasol cheering his teammates from the bench, Spain beat Greece 70-47 Sunday to claim its first basketball world championship.

            • Lithuania vs Germany, 77-62, 7th Place

              2006-09-04 11:10

              Darius Lavrinovic and Linas Kleiza combined for 34 points to lead Lithuania to a 77-62 victory over Germany and seventh place at the FIBA World Championship.

            • USA bounce back to beat Argentina for 3rd at worlds

              2006-09-04 08:49

              Shaking off a disappointing semi-final loss, the US National Basketball Association stars have claimed third place at the World Basketball Championship by defeating Argentina 96-81.

            • Gasol doesn't rule out playing in gold-medal game

              2006-09-02 14:23

              Pau Gasol, Spain's leading scorer and rebounder who was injured in the final minutes of a semifinal victory over Argentina, still hopes to play in the gold-medal game against Greece on Sunday night in the FIBA world championships.

            • GRE - Dikoudis hails Greece display

              2006-09-02 13:39

              On any given day, any member of the Greek national team will beat an opponent.

            • Spanish basketball supremo's reaction

              2006-09-02 13:39

              Spanish basketball supremo Jose Luis Saez hailed his team of heroes after their narrow 75-74 triumph over Argentina which earned the country a place in the title game of the FIBA World Championship for the first time.

            • Spain in final but Gasol limps out

              2006-09-02 09:01

              Spain scraped into the final of the world basketball championship for the first time on Friday but look to have paid a devastating price in the process.

            • Greece shocks Team USA with 101-95 win

              2006-09-01 19:15

              The European champions are playing for a much bigger prize. The best the United States can hope for is yet another bronze medal.

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