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            • Zidane writes a sad ending to great career

              2006-07-10 08:00

              All the trophies Zinedine Zidane hoisted, all the glory he brought France, all those sparks of magic that flew off his feet game after game, year after year, it's almost like they never happened.

            • Italy beats France for 4th World Cup title

              2006-07-10 07:50

              The beautiful game turned vicious Sunday. It was all still beautiful to Italy. And ugly for France, which lost captain Zinedine Zidane with a red card after his head butt in extra time, and then went down 5-3 in a shootout after a 1-1 draw.

            • Despicable behavior at World Cup

              2006-07-10 08:05

              There's no need to buy the World Cup highlight DVD after this wacky final. The one game mirrored the entire month: Ugly play, despicable behavior, penalty kicks, shootouts, a head-shaking call by a referee, and fans who, while rowdy, were surprisingly well-behaved.

            • France crestfallen after loss in final

              2006-07-10 09:04

              Rotating messages projected on the Arc de Triomphe read "You Remain Our Heroes," "Thank you Les Bleus," and "Zizou, We Love You."

            • Trezeguet goes from hero to goat

              2006-07-10 09:04

              David Trezeguet's penalty kick went high, crashed into the crossbar and bounced straight down.

            • Fans celebrate Italy's victory

              2006-07-10 09:04

              Hundreds of thousands of delirious Italians who had packed piazzas from Rome to Milan and small towns in between waved flags, erupted in cheers and celebrated under fireworks Sunday as their team won its fourth World Cup title.

            • Scandal inspires Italy to win World Cup

              2006-07-10 08:13

              Scandal and World Cup victory. For Italy, they are becoming old acquaintances.

            • France coach wants final win, then a holiday

              2006-07-09 17:39

              France coach Raymond Domenech said on Saturday he was treating the World Cup final as simply a match to win before going on holiday.

            • World Cup reaches climax with Italy-France final

              2006-07-09 17:27

              The world's most-watched sporting event reaches its climax on Sunday when Italy take on France in the World Cup final in Berlin.

            • Italy's 'hunger' could decide Cup final

              2006-07-09 14:18
            • Klinsmann still taking his time over job decision

              2006-07-09 13:59

              Juergen Klinsmann again asked for more time to decide whether he will stay on as Germany coach even as a crowd of 52,000 chanted his name and one-time critic Franz Beckenbauer pleaded with him to continue on Saturday.

            • Portugal comes up short in Figo's farewell

              2006-07-09 11:26

              As good as he was, Luis Figo could not equal Eusebio.The longtime Portugal captain was unable to lead his country to third place at the World Cup and match his legendary predecessor, possibly ending his international career in a 3-1 loss to Germany on Saturday.

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