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            • Guo Jingjing

              2012-08-22 15:23

              Guo Jingjing maybe the most well-known Chinese diver in the last decade. Guo used to be the leading member of the Chinese national women's diving team, and is dubbed as "The Queen of Diving" in China.

            • Liukin 'Athlete of the Year' in gymnastics

              2008-10-27 21:22

              American Olympic champion Nastia Liukin won the award of "Athlete of the Year" in gymnastics, as the FIG statement said on Sunday.

            • IOC President Rogge to run for second term

              2008-10-24 23:49

              International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge has confirmed that he will run for a second term as the head of the Olympic Movement.

            • Fatherhood of Kaka

              2008-06-12 12:48

            • Bao Chunlai and Chen Jin

              2008-03-14 15:39

            • Wang Liqin

              2008-03-05 11:19

            • Sharapova shoots new mobile phone ads photos

              2008-01-14 10:59

              Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova poses with a Sony Ericsson mobile phone in this undated handout photo. Sharapova has signed a four-year sponsorship agreement with the mobile communications company. [Agencies]

            • Eva Longoria

              2007-12-14 16:13

            • Zhu Chen

              2007-11-22 15:16

            • Ye Li

              2007-11-14 11:34

            • Ferguson celebrates 21 years at United

              2007-11-07 11:01

              Alex Ferguson celebrated 21 years in charge of Manchester United on Tuesday while the head of his union lamented that today's managers were not given the chances the Scot enjoyed in his early years at Old Trafford.

            • Hamilton photocall

              2007-11-06 16:16

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