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            Opinion / Xu Xiaomin

            Tyranny of the majority rampant online

            [2011-08-22 07:39]

            We should question this expression of personal opinion and the prevalence of group assaults. What we need is real, independent critical thinking instead of an Internet mob.

            Libraries should be heaven for all

            [2011-02-01 07:56]

            A library in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, garnered nationwide attention a while back, not for its vast collection of books or its range of cultural events, but because it allowed beggars and other disadvantaged people to use its services.

            Meet the parents, or pay the price

            [2011-01-12 08:02]

            A newly amended law touching on the issue of filial devotion has sparked debate in China's heavily Confucian society over the credibility of a system that enables parents to sue their offsprings for not paying them enough attention.

            To go, or not to go to a wedding

            [2010-09-11 07:40]

            The cool breeze coming through the window has reminded us that the much anticipated fall season is here to bring welcome relief from the oppressive heat of the past several months. I've carefully drawn up a vacation plan for October as a reward to myself for the hard work done in the past months covering the Shanghai Expo.

            Making relics goes against tradition

            [2010-08-30 07:53]

            The life and works of Zhu Xi, a Song Dynasty authority on Confucianism, has been well documented in Chinese history. His treatises set the standard for scholastic achievements many centuries after his death.

            Is the fashion industry eco-friendly? No

            [2010-08-21 07:07]

            I was a fashion writer for a couple of years, but the luxury industry could neither make me fall in love with it nor respect it.

            Survival tips for a satisfactory life

            [2010-08-05 07:48]

            When I recently glanced at some statistics pointing out that employees in Shanghai were among the richest such group in the country, my first reaction was one of complete surprise.

            Apple of discord between old and young

            [2010-07-24 06:46]

            Long queues are not a feature of Shanghai's Expo Garden alone. Just a few days ago one was seen in Pudong's Lujiazui financial area. Thousands of people, most of them young, waited in a hundreds of meters long queue in front of a new Apple store, the first in Shanghai.

            For love or leisure, let the question be

            [2010-07-01 06:42]

            Ask a girl if she would rather weep in the backseat of a BMW of her sugar daddy or laugh riding a bike together with her true love, and she will either be amused, or give you a nasty look and walk away.

            Why women choose to stay out of wedlock

            [2009-09-18 08:38]

            I am a shengnu, which literally means "left-over woman".

            Straight from a Shanghai woman's heart

            [2009-09-04 07:54]

            Having been stereotyped for over a century as materialistic shrews, it's time for us Shanghai women to put the record straight.

            For me, it's still brains over beauty

            [2009-08-21 07:57]

            Hong Huang, a well-known Chinese writer, recently wrote in her blog: Because I am not good looking, I must cultivate my other values.

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