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            • Air pollution

              2013-09-18 07:37

            • Detailed regulation needed to better curb air pollution

              2013-09-02 23:04

              The Ministry of Environmental Protection recently said it would hold accountable those officials who fail in their duty to cope with air pollution this winter.

            • People can help reduce pollution

              2013-08-05 09:38

              We must remember that as individuals it is ultimately our responsibility to solve the pollution problem in Beijing and its surrounding regions.

            • Information on pollution must be disclosed

              2013-07-22 19:25

              A lack of compulsory institutional channels through which local governments must disclose information on environmental pollution means that authorities will always try to cover up the facts of pollution.

            • Less carbon, less pollution

              2013-06-18 08:14

              The spread of pollution following China's industry transfer from the developed eastern region to the less-developed central and western regions has become a new headache that cries for attention, particularly on a day meant to promote a low-carbon lifestyle.

            • Cure needed for plague of rural pollution

              2013-05-29 08:03

              Rural residents' minds are not yet polluted beyond repair. Appeal to their reason, their love of their hometowns and their desire for a better future for their children

            • Water pollution

              2013-03-23 08:21

            • More efforts needed to fight pollution

              2013-03-11 09:37

              I am not asking China to close down thousands of factories but for the Government to change the law in order to bring about change. New factories should only be allowed to open if they meet certain standards. There are also many Chinese businesses that break the laws to make a larger profit.

            • Air pollution needs urgent action

              2013-03-01 07:15

              This winter, the air quality over the north China plain has been record breaking - but not in a good way.

            • How bad is China's pollution?

              2013-02-26 09:28
            • Pollution will deter tourists

              2013-02-21 07:27

              The challenge is that due to the booming Chinese economy, will pollution put a brake on the number of tourists visiting China?

            • Response to pollution claims is lacking

              2013-02-18 21:39

              The local government of Weifang, Shandong province should welcome public participation as they deal with online allegations that a number of enterprises have contributed to serious groundwater pollution.

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