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            Opinion / Ravi S. Narasimhan

            Lessons from SARS have to be applied

            [2009-05-06 07:44]

            I was living in Hong Kong during SARS - and read enough reports from the mainland - to know that the scars of that epidemic haven't yet healed.

            Time to spend but I'd rather hold on to my money

            [2009-04-03 07:42]

            Xiao Shenyang: It's regrettable that a man should die without spending money at all.

            Innovation zones could be next happy marriage

            [2009-02-27 07:40]

            Wedding ceremonies and celebrations vary vastly across India - but in the past decade, one has assumed a homogenous hue - the NRI (non-resident Indian) Wedding.

            At 3 yuan a beer, it's a tough life

            [2008-12-19 07:50]

            I know now that there are two kinds of foreigners living in China. Most of us who are employed in the media, academia, marketing, NGOs and the like, who - mostly - think we are paid reasonably enough to get by comfortably. Let's say the Silent Majority.

            Adios - and let's talk again

            [2008-12-05 07:46]

            There's an old saying in Texas, the home state of US President George W. Bush: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And in Michigan, president-elect Barack Obama's home state (okay, they may now be trying to fix what is clearly broke), the gameplan when things were running well was: Make 'em bigger, and better.

            Dear Barack

            [2008-11-07 07:45]

            I don't think I am being presumptuous in addressing you so informally - after all, this is the first time a US president has been born after me, so I assumed the privilege of age.

            For a better picture, try more focus

            [2008-10-17 10:03]

            When I was in India a couple of weeks ago, my mother was fretting - about how I would make do without yogurt.

            Olympics a tough act to follow, but they did it

            [2008-09-19 07:45]

            When I entered junior high years ago, a senior was the star of the high-school cricket team and a hero to us.

            It was a spectacular show - not reality TV

            [2008-08-15 08:19]

            I'll let you into a little Bollywood secret: In all those song-and-dance sequences which are de rigeur in any film - the pair on screen never sing.

            Damned if you do, damned if you don't

            [2008-07-18 07:31]

            A senior colleague has a peculiar problem: He owns a car whose license plate allows him to drive on even-number days - but since he works nights, the day turns odd-numbered by the time he leaves for home at around 2 am.

            Puffing and huffing: Raise the burden

            [2008-06-06 07:46]

            Two lifestyle-altering events have greeted us lately: One is the smoking ban (partial) in the capital which went into force last month; the other is paying for plastic bags at groceries and eateries, effective nationwide this month.

            Spot the real elephants in the field

            [2008-05-09 07:23]

            I eat rice once a day. Cracked wheat or millet - whose prices have not risen much - make up the other meals as part of an attempt at a healthier lifestyle.

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