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            Opinion / Mark Hughes

            Let's hope China leads the new green revolution

            [2009-09-11 07:46]

            As I look out over Beijing from my 10th floor balcony, there is barely a cloud in the cobalt blue sky. A gentle, fresh breeze takes the edge off the sun's warm rays. In the distance I can see the mountains, and the Olympic Green stands out like an oasis. It is as nice a day as any I have experienced in the city but it is not always thus.

            Been there, done that but looking for more

            [2009-08-28 08:01]

            Does Tony Blair's posturing on the world stage betray his presidential ambitions?

            Modesty blazes streak of glory in teller of a bank

            [2009-08-21 07:57]

            The young bank teller's eyes gazed at me in what I probably optimistically misinterpreted as an imploring manner before switching to the electronic board on my side of the counter.

            Bartering comes with a heavy price in Beijing

            [2009-08-14 07:45]

            I broke the unspoken rules of bartering over the weekend but, boy, did I pay a price. It was during my first visit to the capital's biggest jumble sale, Panjiayuan flea market, just off the East Third Ring Road in Chaoyang district.

            A sobering toast to the health of the entire nation

            [2009-07-31 07:55]

            There are few words more likely to make a Western banqueteer's liver shrink in fear, his nostrils twitch in alarm, his stomach churn at the memory of mornings-after and his taste buds recoil in distress than the first time he is subjected to the Chinese challenge of ganbei with baijiu.

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