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            Opinion / Huang Hung

            Chinese art of reveling in another's pain

            [2010-02-09 07:46]

            I have always been a fan of Zhang Ziyi. She is beautiful, hardworking and talented. However, her reputation has been tarnished by a series of scandals which has unraveled in the public eye in the past six weeks. What we see is a real life drama of power, greed and sex that is in everyway as tantalizing as Dallas, and better.

            It's all about business, stupid

            [2010-02-02 07:04]

            So, I hope you have heard by now that sending dirty jokes by text message is going to cost you from now on. How much? you ask. Well, that depends on where you live. In Beijing, you will not be able to send texts again from the same number, and in Shanghai, your number will be cancelled. I am not sure whether the same rule applies to dirty jokes in English. I don't think our system is designed to pick up four letter words, just real dirty, bad, nasty characters.

            Lessons from Pandora's Ministry of Propaganda

            [2010-01-19 06:51]

            It was truly a case of, "I came, I WAS seen, and I conquered". The lines of people waiting outside Chinese cinemas to see Avatar were amazing.

            Dear laowai, don't mess with our Chinese-ness

            [2010-01-12 07:02]

            Now, listen up, you foreigner boys and girls, Chinese New Year is around the corner and I want to talk to you seriously about fireworks.

            A little something for big dividends

            [2010-01-05 08:07]

            Years ago, my mother hired someone to tend to the heating in her courtyard house. I went home to visit her, and found her huddled in an armchair with an electric blanket. The room temperature was hovering around that of my refrigerator.

            Mo is no Mo'

            [2009-12-22 05:30]

            The Mighty seemed to have fallen in December 2009. The release of Zhang Yimo's latest picture has caused a serious wave of Mo trashing on the Internet. As one netizen put it on Sina's twitter: "Mo is no Mo'."

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