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            Opinion / Alexis Hooi

            Reconnecting with the real world

            [2010-10-25 07:25]

            When I returned home to Singapore during the recent holidays, one of the first things I did was to re-access my Facebook account. I had been looking forward to reconnecting with people at home and abroad. I wanted to see what everyone was up to, as well as to let everyone know what was going on in my life.

            Snapping out of a comfortable gridlock

            [2010-08-28 07:00]

            On the outskirts of Beijing last weekend, I joined a group of travelers who got out of their cars to chat, munch on snacks and play card games. Children ran happily ahead of their parents taking a stroll, while a few other people decided to relieve themselves in the open.

            Taming the building beast within

            [2010-06-26 07:42]

            Two weeks ago, I visited one of the most beautiful areas in the country's western region. Deep in a lush green valley, Kazak herdsmen grazed their sheep and cattle. A glacier-fed river roared next to the road as snow-capped mountains towered before a deep-blue sky.

            Giving talent room to grow ... and win

            [2010-06-05 08:34]

            Last Sunday in Moscow, three Singaporean women did the unthinkable in the international table tennis arena - they beat the Chinese team to take home their country's first World Team Table Tennis Championships title.

            Getting the lowdown on development

            [2010-05-07 07:51]

            I was lucky enough to visit Liu Yi's farm over the weekend. Tilling about 900 sq m of land in northern China, Liu grows corn to feed his family of four.

            How climate change stole springtime

            [2010-04-23 07:44]

            Budding magnolias in public parks, flowing willows along thawed canals and verdant sidewalks with fresh hedges - these are just some of the familiar signs of spring in Beijing.

            Ensuring food safety

            [2010-03-09 08:00]

            Picking the right souvenir to bring back from China is always a tough decision when I head home for work or vacation. Especially when Chinese foodstuff has become one of the least popular gifts among my family and friends.

            A capital move to showcase Chinese culture

            [2010-02-12 07:21]

            When I visited Jiayuguan city of Gansu province last summer, I was pleasantly surprised to find a Great Wall Museum outside the historical fort that marked the western frontier of the empire in ancient times.

            Reading into the future of an online age

            [2010-02-05 07:14]

            For the past two months, I have been doing the unthinkable for many in this day and age - living without television.

            When there is more to it than dog meat

            [2010-01-29 07:16]

            In the minds of the Chinese, Fan Kuai is one of the most famous generals under Liu Bang, the peasant-turned-first emperor of China's Han Dynasty (206 BC to AD 220).

            Calculated gambles may be worth the risk

            [2010-01-22 06:42]

            On Wednesday, four hotels opened on the islet of Sentosa in Singapore. It marked the first step in the rollout of one of two casinos in the city-state, as part of an "integrated resorts" plan that promises top-class attractions of theme parks, shopping malls and restaurants.

            Riding on China's grand festival together

            [2010-01-15 06:43]

            Spring Festival, the biggest celebration in the Chinese calendar, is less than a month away.

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