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            China Daily Website

            Get translations of discussions on hot topics on Sina Weibo and other social media in China from Chinadaily.com.cn.

            • Chinese vs US government

              2013-10-18 16:50

              There is little doubt that the Chinese government is much more efficient, competent and quick-to-action when compared to the paralyzed, dysfunctional mess we have here in the US.[More]

            • Shanghai FTZ worth a try

              2013-10-14 10:49

              Given China's immense size and large population, it did a pretty good job with getting people out of poverty and maintaining stability in such a short period of time.[More]

            • China must deepen reform

              2013-10-11 13:12

              It is crucial time for chinese and their country, so further opening up and deep reform is the indispensable road.[More]

            • An expat in Shanghai

              2013-10-01 11:06

              As someone that has emigrated from the UK, I find Shanghai a very free, easy and attractive place to live.[More]

            • Doing business in China

              2013-09-26 15:39

              This is great news! I will definitely be looking closely to what incorporation can be done in Shanghai.[More]

            • Wish Shanghai FTZ great success

              2013-09-26 15:39

              I wish Shanghai and the PRC the greatest of good fortunes with the Shanghai FTZ.[More]

            • Visa a headache for business

              2013-09-26 15:39

              As a foreigner in China I know the visa problems will stop many people wanting to buy into the FTZ.[more]