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            China Daily Website

            • Celebrities Fall Fashion

              2006-10-16 14:00

            • Benetton celebrates fortieth in style

              2006-10-12 09:47

              Benetton celebrated its 40th anniversary with a huge runway show in Paris' Pompidou Center and a gala dinner Tuesday, October 10th that featured a memorably inspired performance by Patti Smith.

            • Shiny leather is popping up everywhere

              2006-10-11 09:28

              One of the shining stars of the fall fashion season is patent leather.

            • Designers Target savvy buyers

              2006-10-10 14:05

              THEIR names may not have the pull of overseas chain store collaborators such as Stella McCartney, but Aussie designers are in demand to give quick-off-the-mark chain shoppers a designer fashion experience.

            • Louis Vuitton takes Paris fashion week to end-phase

              2006-10-09 08:44

              Louis Vuitton's 2007 spring-summer collection took Paris Fashion Week to its final phase on Sunday after eight days of shows that left some observers wondering if business pressure had stifled the city's name for creativity.

            • Short hemlines dominate Chanel show

              2006-10-08 09:19

              Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld launched his spring/summer 2007 ready-to-wear collection on Friday with models parading trademark Chanel jackets over underwear-revealing skirts.

            • Sex, money, glamour rule

              2006-10-03 14:32

              DOLCE & Gabbana proved their love for showgirl exuberance today with a collection of aggressive black corset dresses, buttocks-hugging skirts and sequinned gowns in the colours of the rainbow on show at Milan' fashion week.

            • Gucci revives the 1960s

              2006-09-30 16:41

              Gucci delved into the vintage trunk and came out with 1960s silver and white A-line shifts and black, purple and orange mini-dresses with broad belts for its spring/summer 2007 collection.

            • What's hot this fall?

              2006-10-13 13:01

              Each new season brings with a must-have color and trend of the moment. What's hot this fall? Plaids, equestrian looks, red and more...

              Celebs are bigger mannequins than models, so see what they choose and how to mix and match this autunm, you'll be inspired by the world's most famous glamour girls.