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            China Daily Website

            • Cast and Scorsese at screening of movie "Shutter Island" in Berlin

              2010-02-14 13:51

              Cast join director Martin Scorsese as they arrive for the screening of the movie "Shutter Island" at the 60th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin February 13, 2010.

            • Teen accused in celeb home burglary to stand trial

              2009-12-02 09:19

              A judge ruled Tuesday that a teen accused of burglarizing the home of Orlando Bloom must stand trial.

            • Apocalyptic movie with a Chinese role draws cheers and jeers

              2009-12-02 09:08

              The latest end-of-the-world movie, 2012, has drawn big audiences worldwide, including in China and the United States.

            • Mainland films project shining success on silver screens

              2009-12-01 09:22

              local family drama No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti (Buneng Meiyou Ni) was the top placer at the 46th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival, mainland filmmakers and actors also won high recognition, snapping up nine of 24 awards at the Chinese version of the Oscars.

            • Twilight faces shadowy prospects

              2009-12-01 09:14

              Twilight descended on China's box office on Nov 25, about a year after it was screened in other countries and five days after the global release of its sequel, New Moon.

            • "New Moon" shines on record holiday box office

              2009-11-30 09:24

              "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" rose to the top of movie box office charts for the second straight week on Sunday with a three-day haul of $42.5 million on a record-breaking holiday weekend in North America.

            • Australian Aboriginal movie wins top Asia Pacific award

              2009-11-28 15:05

              An Australian movie highlighting the desperate state of many Aboriginal communities won top prize at the third annual Asia Pacific Screen Awards this week in which 37 films from 16 countries were competing.

            • Movie reel

              2009-11-28 10:52

              Twilight, the first installment of the Twilight Saga finally made its way to Shanghai on Wednesday, the same week that part two, New Moon, is playing at theaters in the United States.

            • Top 10 movie flops of the decade

              2009-11-27 10:09

              Movie flops aren't just about losing money. Yes, big budgets that go bust are one consideration. But flops are also about lofty expectations dashed and high profiles brought low.

            • Winslet relives "Reader" filming at German awards

              2009-11-27 09:28

              Kate Winslet returned to the German film studio where she made the Oscar-winning film "The Reader" on Thursday evening to accept the 2009 Bambi Award for best international actress.

            • Peter Jackson has a break from big budgets in Lovely Bones

              2009-11-26 09:31

              New Zealand's Peter Jackson takes a break from blockbusters with "The Lovely Bones," an adaptation of Alice Sebold's bestselling novel about girl who is brutally raped and murdered and who looks down on her family from heaven.

            • Swiss court grants Roman Polanski bail

              2009-11-26 08:00

              A Swiss court on Wednesday approved the release of Roman Polanski on bail of 4.5 million Swiss francs ($4.49 million) while the film director fights extradition to the United States over a 1970s child sex case.

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