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            China Daily Website

            • Paris evolution sale: from dinosaurs to space diapers

              2009-11-30 10:59

              From entire dinosaur skeletons and fossilised bugs alive more than 400 million years ago, to modern space paraphernalia, there is something for every pocket in a Paris evolution-themed auction next month.

            • Floating like a butterfly

              2009-11-26 10:28

              Like many other young girls who love singing and dancing, Zhou Peng was excited to appear on television when she won a national singing competition in 1999 at 16. Then she released an album that sold well and became known as "China's first dance music singer".

            • Chinese classic scroll painting sells for record $24 million

              2009-11-25 17:33

              A rare, classical scroll by a Ming dynasty artist fetched $24.8 million at a Beijing sale, the highest price ever paid for a Chinese painting at auction, in a positive sign for the downturn-stricken Chinese art market.

            • Soldiers of truth

              2009-11-24 11:00

              China hands are in demand today in the United States, with relations between the two countries becoming entwined ever tighter.

            • Separating the strands of a 'work in progress'

              2009-11-24 10:53

              In 2007, Urban China - primarily an architecture magazine published from Beijing, but essentially an attempt to chart China's progress toward modernization at breakneck speed - was invited to participate at the Kassel Documenta 12.

            • Linking cultures with words

              2009-11-24 10:38

              Chabbi encountered Li's works in 2004 when a friend recommended Afternoon Poetics (Wuhou de Shixue), a collection of the writer's short stories.

            • Heart of the countryside

              2009-11-24 10:32

              Writer Li Er was not surprised when German Prime Minister Angela Merkel invited him for a talk, for the second time, during her visit to China last year.

            • Stamp of approval

              2009-11-23 11:49

              Twenty-one Chinese artists - including Zeng Fanzhi, Yue Minjun and Fang Lijun - have become the first group of appointed artists at the newly founded Contemporary Art Academy of China (CAAC).

            • On the record

              2009-11-23 11:42

              Artist Zhang Xiaogang says he's "a person who lives in the past".

            • Just for laughs

              2009-11-20 10:58

              Chen Peisi, known for his comic shows at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, returns to the stage.

            • An operatic high point

              2009-11-20 10:30

              Among all those big names there are only two Chinese. One is the multi-faceted composer/conductor Tan Dun, the other is soprano Huang Ying.

            • The 12th West Lake Art Expo kicks off in E China

              2009-11-20 10:05

              An oil painting of a Peking Opera character is featured at the 12th annual West Lake Art Expo in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, November 19, 2009.

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