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            China Daily Website

            • Breaks for autumn: readers' picks

              2012-10-16 18:03

              Did you go into the woods where colorful layers of leaves dazzled you in the morning fog? Or did you find a nouveau exhibition that is best displayed in the city at this time of the year? Any travel tips or pictures are welcomed.

            • A free indulgence for foodies in Beijing

              2012-10-17 09:02

              Fancy a free feast? Would it be great if you are the one who decides which style of cuisine to try out? Join our gourmet tour in Beijing and you’ll get the chance to take on a free taste-bud journey with our editor in different renowned restaurants in the capital.

            • Share and win awards!

              2012-06-14 14:26

              Happiness is real when shared. Join our "Summer of Sharing" now on our new food channel! Simply send us your original recipes, favorite dishes and restaurants and you will get exclusive freebies from chinadaily.com.cn.

            • Questionnaire

              2012-03-20 16:08

            • Questionnaire about new food section

              2012-07-24 10:33