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            ODDS & ENDS

            Sex shop and the city

            Fifty-year-old Wen Jingfeng has been interviewed many times by Chinese and foreign media. However, the Beijinger still feels self-conscious posing for pictures. But, he is completely relaxed talking about his shop: Beijing Adam & Eve Health Center - the first adult shop in the Chinese mainland, which he founded in 1993.

            HIP & NEW

            TV shopping in China faces trust crisis
            TV shopping programs are viewed as nothing more than gimmicks by Chinese audiences, a report by a leading media research company found.

            SLAM, Made in NBA
            Navigating the subway system
            Public Manners in Limelight
            Pilgrimage to Tibet
            Yunnan New Film Project
            BEIJING SHANGHAI Top
            EATING OUT
            Arriba arrives in the Wu

            Sharing space and management in a murky arrangement with Propaganda, La Bamba has transposed that infamous club to the faux-rustic environs of Wudaokou's only Mexican eatery.

            BARS & CAFES
            Mare's milk a-go-go

            Like their ancestors before them, Mongolian entrepreneurs have been invading Beijing, sprouting up new bars and restaurants across the capital.

            WEEKEND & HOLIDAY
              A "must visit"

            Founded in 2005, Shanghai boutique The Thing has become a "must visit" store for local fashion followers and out-of-towners alike.

            WHAT'S ON
              New shows on stage

            The cultural scene of Beijing can never be dull. Go and check out the upcoming new show.

            LIVING GUIDE:  Beijing here (Thousands of bars,cafes,restaurants,gyms,museums....around you)

            SHANGHAI BEIJING Top
            EATING OUT
            Moroccan roll

            In the expanding Face Bar empire, El Wajh is the new North African outpost. Unjustly confined to the elephant's graveyard of Maoming Nan Lu, this authentic Moroccan restaurant has been thriving on recommendations from its satisfied clientele.

            BARS & CAFES
              A boonna in training

            Tucked away within a quiet residential nook, Boonna 3 and its outdoor deck immediately caught our interest.

            WEEKEND & HOLIDAY
              Pamper papa this Father's Day

            His generosity and kindness show undying love. This coming Father's Day show him that he's loved and cared.

              LV boutique in E. China closed for disqualification

            Louis Vuitton, the luxury retailer, closed its boutique in Hangzhou, the capital of east China's Zhejiang Province.

            WHAT'S ON
              Shen's art attack

            Many believe Shanghai is destined to become a major economic center. But Shen Qibin, director of Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, thinks differently.

            LIVING GUIDE:  Shanghai here(Thousands of bars,cafes,restaurants,gyms,museums....around you)

            Room with a view

            There is probably no better a word than "exciting" to sum up how Bill Marriott felt about his most recent visit to China late last September.