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            Odds & Ends

            Sex shop and the city

            Fifty-year-old Wen Jingfeng has been interviewed many times by Chinese and foreign media. However, the Beijinger still feels self-conscious posing for pictures. But, he is completely relaxed talking about his shop: Beijing Adam & Eve Health Center - the first adult shop in the Chinese mainland, which he founded in 1993.

            How prince's palace became home to the gods
            Yonghegong, or the Lama Temple, has always been one of Beijing's premier tourist attractions.


            Jazz-infused journey through Kunqu Opera
            A unique jazz-infused journey through the kingdom of Kunqu Opera will give this ancient Chinese art form a sophisticated, modern twist.

            xpat children play at Shanghai-based Kidtown that features a hospital, market, police station and a beauty salon to encourage creative play.[China Daily]

            Hip & New

            General-Travel-Culture-Survival Tips-Friendship,Love,Relationships-

            Eating out

            Moroccan roll

            In the expanding Face Bar empire, El Wajh is the new North African outpost. Unjustly confined to the elephant's graveyard of Maoming Nan Lu, this authentic Moroccan restaurant has been thriving on recommendations from its satisfied clientele.

            Bars & Cafes

            A boonna in training

            Tucked away within a quiet residential nook, Boonna 3 and its outdoor deck immediately caught our interest.

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